Privacy Policy for Xarepo Live Tracker

Xarepo AB built the Xarepo Live Tracker app as a free app. This service is provided by Xarepo AB at no cost and is intended for use as is. No guarantees for service availability is provided.

When tracking is active the app will send location updates to a server. The resulting tracks are then made available through a web link, and this is the service provided. Per default the server is managed by Xarepo AB with a best effort uptime. The user may reconfigure the app to connect to a third-party server instead, even a self-hosted one.

Information Collection and Use

To provide the main function — live tracking — the app sends time stamped location updates to the server when the tracking is activated by the user and the app is running in foreground or background. As soon as the tracking is stopped or the app is stopped no further location updates will be sent.

The location updates are anonymous in the way that only the location and a nickname that the user chooses will be delivered to the server. No other personal information is sent. If the user chooses an anonymous or generic nickname (which is default) the location updates will thus also be anonymous.

The resulting track can be viewed live on a map via a generated web link which the user can choose to share so others can view it. This is the only way the collected data is shared. The data is not passed to any third-party services.

After the tracking session is ended the server keeps the track for some time (about 24 hours) before it is deleted, so the generated web link will work for some time after the user has stopped tracking.

Anonymous tracks can be kept for longer for exclusive internal use so Xarepo AB can perform debugging and development of the quality of the service.

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